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Monday, October 6, 2014

"New" Blog - Curtainwall BIM

Last week I posted a tutorial about creating butt glazing in Revit.   Well, a wonderful reader named Jon sent me an insanely detailed email.  Jon is a BIM manager at a curtwainwall manufacturing company... Using Revit for shop drawings!  COOL!

Anyways, Jon sent me a great detailed email about some of the "real-world" issues that my curtain wall had.  For example: "In the real world, the horizontal captured mullion butts against the vertical, but the cap (the extruded element that is in front of the glass) extends to the grid line"...

 As much as I appreciated Jon's detail it was a little TOO detailed for me.  But, if you are interested in how to make curtainwalls that can basically be fabricated directly out of Revit (and shop drawings in Revit) then check out Jon's blog.  He does not have a million posts but they are high quality tutorials specific to curtainwall / storefronts.

Cheers Jon!!