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Monday, February 29, 2016

Revit Tutorial - Constant Slope Rigging Family (Rigid Insulation)

We've all seen the wall section before.  A flat roof with rigid insulation that is sloping towards a roof drain.  I would venture to say everyone reading this post has drawn or modeled the above detail at some point in their lives.  I would also venture to say many of you are drafting the rigid insulation as a filled region EVERY time you draw this section.

The following tutorial (extracting directly from BIM After Dark - Volume 3, set to re-release in a couple of weeks) illustrates how simple it is to make a parametric detail component for this typical condition... Continue reading to view the tutorial...

I added the following tutorial within the curriculum of Volume 3 because it is a great way to introduce you to formulas and "rigs".  I believe it is less scary learning the fundamentals of formulas and rigs in a 2-dimensional detail view before jumping into 3-dimensional formulas and rigs.

Check out the video tutorial for more information:

Constant Slope Rigging Tutorial:

Before I get a million comments about 2D versus 3D... Yes, I agree... You should be modeling these rigid slopes in 3-dimensions to begin with ... In fact, I cover this in-depth within Volume 2 and briefly in this tutorial... My point is that this condition (as a detail component) is so common we might as well make it parametric and smart!

BIM After Dark - Volume 3: Family Creation

As I mentioned in the video above this tutorial was extracted directly from BIM After Dark - Volume 3.  Volume 3 focuses solely on family and content creation in Revit and the cart is now open!

If you're tired of downloading low quality Revit families that are not parametric and slow down your models Volume 3 is for you. Instead of settling for poor content, or waiting for manufacturers to catch up, create your own parametric Revit families!  Using practical, real-world examples, Volume 3 will give you all of the skills required to get started today.