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Monday, March 21, 2016

Customer Case Study - BIM After Dark: Volume 3

One of the things I actively pursue when developing the BIM After Dark video series is gathering customer feedback.  Many of you are happy to take quick surveys or have blunt conversations about any of the Volumes and I love it!  For this Volume 3 launch week I thought it would be fun to publish a "customer spotlight" style post.  Today, I would like to share an interview I had with Jeffery Harwood.

Besides being a longtime customer of BIM After Dark and reader of this blog, Jeffery has a Master in Architecture from Tulane University and is an architect at John Williams Architects. In Jeff's own words:

" I love being an architect and love working with Revit and other 3D programs. I consider myself very lucky to do what I do. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful little girls. I am an architect at John Williams Architects in New Orleans. We do a wide array of projects from historical projects in the historical French Quarter to newer commercial projects..."

Continue reading Jeff's experience with BIM After Dark, family creation, and Revit... Oh, and a special Volume 3 offer...

As stated above, Jeff is an architect and has been using Revit for over 12 years!  If there is anyone I wanted to hear feedback from it is technology geek and self proclaimed "Revit-Jedi" like Jeff.

Great photo of Jeff and his daughter!

Here are a few highlighted questions and answers from Jeff:

How long did it take you to view the series? 
6 hours.

What was the purchase/download process like?
As easy as it could possibly be.

What was your experience with creating custom families before purchasing Volume 3? Was there a particular family you tried to build and got stuck? Were you afraid to even try? 
I always had a hard time with families that are "Adaptive".  I have always tried to make my own families as opposed to downloading ones that didn't match what was needed. One of the most important things in making your own families is you can put the "I" in BIM. In the end you save time and have a better set of drawings.

I asked Jeff for some images of his work... Here is one...

Was there a particular topic that enticed you to purchase Volume 3? (ie. door creation, adaptive components, etc...). If so, why was this topic so important to you?
The past two series have been so invaluable that I honestly didn't even look at the contents before purchasing. I knew it was going to be a quality product with a lot of information. I have been using Revit for 12 years (and even use C# to create my own apps) yet have learned so much from Volume 3.

After completing the tutorial series do you feel confident you can build custom families when required to? If so, briefly explain how Volume 3 boosted this confidence. 
Yes. I know that things will be done correctly and that I can create families that other members in the firm can use without problems.

What do you believe was the most valuable tutorial within Volume 3? Why do you think this was such a valuable tutorial?
I do a lot of work in the French Quarter, and other historical areas in New Orleans. I constantly have to make new window types . In New Orleans they are very strict on what gets built, I therefore need to make everything (model) exactly how they are. The video was invaluable because it has allowed me to save a lot of time, and have confidence in what I am producing.

I see lots of custom families in this image...!

If you were tasked with convincing a fellow Revit user to invest time and money into Volume 3 what would you tell them? 
This is easy. If you spent the time and money on an architectural education, why not learn to use one of the best tools to it's fullest extent! Not only will you save time and produce a better set of documents, but it is fun. I love producing drawings in Revit, there are so many things you can make it do to purvey the information you want . The "After Dark Series" has made it even better.

Week Long Discount (BIM After Dark - Volume 3)

I hope you found Jeff's interview insightful.

In honor of Jeff taking the time to answer my interview questions and his willingness to share I thought I would extend the launch discount to a week long for BIM After Dark - Volume 3.

Simply use the same offer code as before "WEAREFAMILY" and receive 10% off any package until Thursday at 11AM (EST).

Click here to download BIM After Dark - Volume 3 today and learn how to make parametric Revit families...