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Thursday, March 17, 2016

BIM After Dark - Volume 3 : We are family!

BIM After Dark - Volume 3 is now available!  

Now you can finally scrap all of the bad models you’ve downloaded, stop letting what’s available dictate your designs, make time for custom content, stop drafting over elevations, and begin creating your own parametric Revit content.

Volume 3 is focused 100% on custom family creation while stressing the use of real-world situations and examples. In addition to over six hours of non-stop, easy-to-follow, and information packed tutorials you have the option of some great bonuses in the complete package…  

Continue reading to find out more about what’s inside and a special launch discount…

What’s Included?

Similar to Volume’s 1 and 2, Volume 3 offer three packages to fit any budget.  Here is a brief summary of the different packages…  Also, don’t forget to check out the table of contents for the videos...

The Videos: Over 6 hours of video tutorials that will walk you through the process of creating custom, parametric, and intelligent Revit families. Using real-world examples, you will create the sample families from scratch while acquiring all of the necessary skills to build your own.

The Videos Plus:  This package includes all of the videos from the previous package but adds all of the sample files.

The Complete Package: I am super excited about Volume 3’s complete package.  In addition to everything included in the previous packages (videos and sample files), the Complete package contains a bunch of great bonuses. Here is a video that walks you through everything that is included...

Bonus 1:  Case Studies with Sample Files
I take three studio.bad projects (Guggenheim, The Web, Heart Huts, and Shift City) and give an overview of how each model was created using techniques found in this series.  For example, using conceptual massing as the basis for modeling the Guggenheim which has not a single straight wall. Oh, and you will also get ALL of the project files used!


Bonus 2:  Creating Custom Revit Architecture Families eBook Bundle (with Sample Files!)
This eBook, written by Michael Anonuevo of Little Details Count, contains 16 chapters and 727 pages of family creation lessons.  The bundle contains an Imperial and Metric version as well as exercise and sample files (including free Revit families: a pool table, slot machines, toaster, etc…). Oh yes, and a foreword written by me ;)

Bonus 3: Bundle and Special Offer
Alex Gore, of, was kind enough to include a bundle of free families with those who purchase the Complete Package.  In addition, he has an exclusive offer for customers: 410 families at an insane discount! Alex’s content is some of the best I’ve used and the offer is incredibly generous.

I hope the above description of what’s included got you as excited as it has me!  Both Michael and Alex are top of the line Revit content creators and I am honored to have them included in this package.  There may also be other top of the industry contributors soon (don’t worry, you will get any updates for FREE)!

What others are saying about Volume 3:

"The videos are easy to follow and very helpful. I feel like I can roll them out to my staff and know they aren't going to pick up any bad habits. I learned a couple of new tricks myself...Keep up the great work Jeff, you are kicking ass..."  [ Rob Pivovarnick of Minno and Wasko ]

"Extremely well done Jeff!  The video's start simple and slowly keep building with more advanced features.  Easy to follow and sound and video quality are excellent!...Keep the videos coming..." [ Steve Smith of Neumann Smith ]

"This was exactly what I was looking for!  I have been looking at job listings and a few of them said that they required creating parametric families.  I looked all over for videos and there were not a whole lot out there.  Most of the ones I found were very hard to follow as well.  I love that you explain things so clearly!   These videos are the BEST!" [ Tami Johnson ]

If you are interested in hearing what the great Paul Aubin thinks of Volume 3 click here...

How do I get it and how about that discount?!

As a gift to all of you eagerly awaiting launch day (seriously, thank you for all the encouraging emails and support), every package is 15% off until 11AM (EST) tomorrow...

Just use the offer code WEAREFAMILY at checkout.

Bundle and Save!

Interested in bundling one, two, or all three packages to save big? Buy two and save $149, buy all three and save $298!  Find out about all of the bundled offers here...