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Monday, November 21, 2016

V-Ray for Revit is FINALLY Available!

Well, well, well... It's about time!  I have been publishing content about how V-Ray should make a plugin for Revit for well over 5 years.  After a soft announcement two years ago, ChaosGroup has gone through a long alpha and beta period before finally releasing V-Ray for Revit!

Continue reading for more information...

Now that we finally get a chance to see the public released version of V-Ray for Revit we get a sense for what ChaosGroup's intentions will be.  

**Full disclosure, I have not used the public release yet (but I have used plenty of the beta version).** 

Click here for a brilliantly written guest post about the Beta version of V-Ray for Revit by Sam Davis. 

Back to the release.  ChaosGroup appears to have placed an emphasis on "plug-and-play" with their Revit version of the software.  This, to me, is a good move.  You can still access all of the rendering, material, and, let's be honest, intimidating, settings within V-Ray but there was a clear effort to make the "front-end" easy to use.  Even in the beta version, they succeeded.  It is nice to not have to see those intimidating menus and still produce quality images.

Because images (or videos) speak louder than words, check out the exciting promo video below:

Pretty exciting, right?

Additionally, we now know how much it will cost.  ChaosGroup took two approaches: flat rate and rental (subscription).  I believe this will make the plug-in more accessible.

I do plan on creating a detailed review of V-Ray for Revit in the future (once I get my hands on a retail copy) so stay tuned for that!