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Monday, December 19, 2016

A Year in Review - 2016 (Plus, 5 Days of Discounts)

I read a lot of small business blogs and articles that emphasize the importance of doing a year end review.  I have been running The Revit Kid for almost 8 years now and have never formally created one.  I decided this year would be the first. 

Continue reading the post to see what happened in 2016, what are the plans for 2017, and to learn about the "5 Days of Discounts" BIM After Dark year end sale...

What Happened in 2016?

Some stats from 2016:

535,402 People Visited this blog...

BIM After Dark = 410 New Students!

Enhance your Presentation, Documentation, and Family Creation skills...

Email Subscribers Grew by 31% 

(From 10,020 to 13,123 Subscribers)
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Facebook Page Exceeds 3,000 Likes!

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Twitter Followers Exceed 2,800!

2016 was the year of the Family...  

In January, I released the third volume of the BIM After Dark series and it set the tone for the blogs direction in 2016.  Volume 3 focused 100% on Revit Family Creation.  Not only was Volume 3 released, but it lead to some of the most popular posts and content the blog has ever seen. For example, the Family Creation Cheat Sheet.

The sheet was created to be your desktop guide to family creation in Revit. I have been making my own Revit content for over eight years now and there are always little things I need to reference from time to time. For example, I always find myself referencing materials online for conditional if statements and correct formula syntax.

Print this guide out on 11”x 17” paper and keep it handy for the next time you are creating custom Revit families. 

Professor "Revit Kid"

I went back to school this year, but not as a student.  In 2016, I taught my first two classes at the University of Hartford.  The classes were titled "Advanced Computer Applications in Architecture" and covered a multitude of topics from parametric content, to Dynamo, and even some Lumion...

It may be obvious, but I love teaching and always saw myself doing it in some capacity.  To go back to my alma mater and teach graduate and undergraduate students is a dream come true.  

"Mr. and Mrs. Revit Kid"

Photo Credit - Kelly Kirkland Photography

I can't review this past year and not mention the fact that I got married to the love of my life, Melissa.  For those of you who have not done it, planning and having a wedding takes up an immense amount of your time.  Therefore, the blog took a bit of a backseat for a month or two but I did have some posts queued up to fill in the time away.

In the end, the day was absolutely perfect.  I know many of you emailed Melissa and I with your kind words of congratulations and best wishes and I want to thank you again for doing so.  I love being able to share parts of my personal life with you all and I hope you enjoy it too!

First "Mini-Course" 

Teaching at a university reminded me that there are many different types of learners.  Some learners just need a 5-15 minute video demonstration and they can get rolling solving a problem and figure the rest out themselves (or through trial and error).  Other learners enjoy a slower paced, step-by-step, demonstration process with the ability to ask questions and resolve the problems in real-time.  This realization is what led me to the first ever BIM After Dark Mini Course.  Click here to see what the mini-course was all about and to download it today...

First Podcast Appearances (BIM Thoughts)

Bill, Carla, and I finally got together and chatted for the BIM Thoughts Podcast.  The first two conversations were Pre and Post RTCNA discussions...

What's the Plan for 2017?

If 2016 was the year of the family... What will 2017 be...?

In 2017, I am bringing sexy back...

It has been over four years since I created BIM After Dark - Volume 1 which focused on Presentation.  The tag line for Volume 1 is "BIM can be sexy...".  The software, technology, and techniques have changed so much over the last four years I've decided it's time to revamp Volume 1.

From the ground up, I plan on re-recording any of the content that is still relevant and adding tons of new content filled with tips, tricks, and techniques that will enhance your presentations exponentially.   Look out for posts, surveys, and information regarding the release.

 It's time to bring sexy back!

More mini-courses...

The first mini-course was such a huge success that I plan on holding them more regularly.  The medium of a live interactive classroom can be essential for some learners and I enjoy the personal connection with students.  Look out for enrollment emails and information in 2017.

5 Days of Discounts!

Given that this was the year of Families... and that we are around the Holidays... and 2016 was such a great year for me personally, and for this blog... I decided to do something different for a year end sale.  Think of it as an "early bird gets the warm" type of sale.

Starting today, use offer code "5daydiscount" to save 25% in the irst 24 hours.  If  you miss the discount today, tomorrow you will save 20% using the same code... On wednesday, you will save 15%... and so on...

Therefore, you have until 11AM tomorrow morning to take 25% off any BIM After Dark Volume or Bundle.  Don't worry, I will remind you before each sale ends...

Remember, use offer code: 5daydiscount 

Click here to purchase BIM After Dark Volume 1 and up your presentation game...

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Cheers and happy holidays!