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Friday, May 22, 2020

Twinmotion vs. Enscape (Operating Room Case Study)

I was a bit nervous last night while presenting this case study live...  But, it all worked out in the end!  No crashes, no freezing, and the conversations were great!

Ultimately, last nights episode was a fun one.  Back when I started to dive into Twinmotion 2020, I wanted to really test it out on all fronts (exterior, interior, VR, etc...).  I thought a perfect way to really compare Twinmotion to other software I had been using was to force myself to use it on a real project.

Then the perfect project came along to test out the interior rendering abilities of Twinmotion and Virtual Reality (VR).  The project was a virtual mock-up of an operating room.  Normally, I would do this in Enscape and use it for renderings, live walk-throughs, and VR.  So... I decided to do it in both Enscape and Twinmotion to compare and contrast...

Last night, I presented my results...

To view the video replay and links mentioned, keep reading...