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bim after dark live

Friday, July 10, 2020

4 Steps to Sexier Revit (Episode 15)

On last nights episode of BIM After Dark Live we talked about simple steps to take that will immediately make your Revit views (and more) look better. 

I walked through my Revit journey (with some very embarrassing old projects) and talked about how I developed the styles and settings I share.  I then ran through the "70/50/20" rule, talked about custom materials, and more.  We had some great questions throughout and quality conversations in the chat... Thanks for joining and engaging to those of you who attended live!

If anything, it's worth checking out the replay to see my very first Revit project...  -_-

Oh, and my son, Jacob, made a guest appearance:

Continue reading to view the replay, see links mentioned, and more...

Links Mentioned: