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Monday, July 20, 2020

Tutorial - Revit Placeholders in Twinmotion (Replace Object With It's Base Point)

Here is a really quick but super valuable tutorial if you are using Revit and Twinmotion (actually, it may be helpful for any FBX export from Revit).

Typically, when you export a model from Revit to FBX (using the Twinmotion plugin) the project base point is your insertion point.  Meaning, every mesh that comes in (even if separated but material or category) all share the same project base point in Twinmotion.

Well, that doesn't always have to be the case.  You can actually export objects and they maintain their own base points.  For example, a chair or desk in Revit can have it's "origin" from the family editor as it's placement point in Twinmotion... 

I know, so cool, right?!

Well, it get's even better... Knowing this, you can use Twinmotion's "Replace Object" functions to swap our families with Twinmotion library elements!

Continue reading to find out how...

From Revit to Twinmotion: A Free Mini-Course

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