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bim after dark live

Friday, August 21, 2020

"Ask the Revit Kid" - Episode 20 Replays


Yesterday marked a milestone for BIM After Dark Live... Episode 20!  To honor the occasion we held a double header Q&A, stump the Revit Kid, extravaganza!

The format was simple... Ask me anything.  

And boy did you all ask!

Both sessions were around an hour long and I don't even think I was able to get through ever single question that was asked!  We touched on everything from dimension styles to rain-screen facades to cold form metal framing...  Thank you all for being so engaging and asking such awesome questions...

Continue reading to view both episodes, topics, and links...

Part 1 Replay

Topics Covered:
- What video games do I play
- Unique Curtain Wall Uses
- Parking Garages and Ramps
- Variable Units for Dimensions
- Column Fill Materials in Plan
- Pulling information from a linked file into your source file
- Making Spiral Stairs

Links Mentioned:

Part 2 Replay

Topics Covered:
- Curtain Wall Corners and Butt Glazing
- Showing Grids in 3D
- Framing Walls, Openings, & Roofs (Cold Form and Wood)
- Modeling "Butler Building" Walls
- Dealing with Reveals on Stucco or CMU Walls
- Sloping floors at drains

Links Mentioned: