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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tutorial - Revit OpEd: Dutch Stair

If you noticed my Stair Tutorial recently here is a great follow up tutorial over at Revit OpEd:

Dutch Stair Winders - Part II

A comment in my previous post asked about stringers that are exposed. Since I took the easy way out and said that most of these stairs are tucked away inside walls it is only natural that someone would like to do it the hard way!

In my reply to the comment I mentioned a few options that come to mind: In-Place Family, Walls and Edit Wall Profile, Railing with custom profiles or just accept the way the boundary/stringers are created by Revit (yeah I know that last one isn't very tasty). Here's an image of the result for the stair using an In-Place family. It's late and I was lazy so I only did one side, that and the other side is still buried in a wall, that's my story anyway.

I created a VIDEO that shows what I did. You can listen and watch here instead.