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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Revit Cloud Rendering: Pay-Per-Render?

Autodesk's release of Cloud based services has caused a bit of a buzz across the blogosphere.  I have been reluctant to speak about it until I found out how this will/could affect us students.  Through my contacts at Autodesk I have a bit of sad news for those of us on a student license. All of the great new cloud features are only available to use as trials.  

With Autodesk Cloud Documents allowing us to use 1GB of space (not bad at all...) and Autodesk Cloud Rendering only allowing us to use 25 free renderings.  So don't do what I did and render up a storm because it is so much fun!

Personally, I think the Cloud Rendering service is awesome.  I use Revit to create renderings both professionally and academically and this service is a gift from God.  One positive note is that Autodesk claims they will make it available to schools that are on Subscription.  The only problem there is that most students have no idea how to find out if they are on subscription and all the schools will have to make preferred user names for the students wanting to utilize these tools.   

Autodesk, WHY?  Why make such a feature like Autodesk Cloud Rendering only available to "premium" and  "ultimate" subscribers?!

I would like to put forward a motion to allow users a monthly subscription or "pay-per-rendering" plan for Autodesk Cloud Rendering.  Why not?!  I am not afraid to speak for the 2,000,000+ users in the Autodesk Education Community (I think there are something like 400,000 using Revit).  

For all of us pulling "all nighters" simply because we waited 8 hours for a rendering to finish this service is absolutely incredible.

Revit Proud & SurRendering...  Please?

Click here to try out Autodesk Cloud Rendering and Cloud Services.  (Remember, use those 25 free renderings wisely).

What do you guys think?

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