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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Revit! Challenge No.3 - 3Form Alta Shape

 I have to model these in work and as I begin to dive into making them I thought it would be fun to have you, my readers, give it a shot.  The shapes will be ceiling hung but I think it would be best as a faced based family.

There is only one rule... The family has to be made COMPLETELY in Revit.

3 Form Shapes - Alta:
Alta* shapes ceiling feature with three small panels
• (3) Small shapes: 24" × 45", 42" × 45", 43" × 42"
• Varia Ecoresin C3, 1/4" gauge
• Ceiling-mounted Alta shapes create unique canopy effect
• Each shape requires (3) supports (can be shared)
• Holes drilled
• Smaller scale for more intimate spaces
• 3 week lead time

More information here...

Of course, you are welcome to do more research on your own.

Prize: The winner of this challenge will be awarded TWO free licenses of SAuBIM - Code Calculation in Revit v1.0.

See the previous two challenges here... 

Email Revit Family Files to:

Deadline:  Sunday January 15 th, 2012 at 10:00 PM ET.