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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 3 - Revit Technology Conference 2012 #RTCUSA

Today marks day 3 of my Revit Technology Conference adventure and boy was it a cracker.  I started the day with a 9:00AM Lab about Vasari and Dynamo given by Matt Jezyk (click here to read about it). I missed my second class because I was getting ready for my lab.  I did make it to Scott Davis's (@scottddavis) lecture on "Rapid Energy Modeling".  Scott, Matt Jezyk, and myself all happened to be speaking about practically the same thing, but I think we all have very different ways of speaking about it.  Scott did a great job and jammed an incredible amount of information in a short period of time.

Finally, it was time for my very first Revit Technology Lab titled "Revit Energy Analysis Workflow: Analyzing Your Model from Concept to Reality".  When the conference in over I will post the handout.  If you don't count the internet not allowing anyone to sign on to Autodesk 360 I'd say it went pretty well.  The room was full and everyone seemed very engaged.  For those of you who sat in on the lab thanks for coming and I hope you took something away from it.  I plan on breaking down my lab content into a smaller video series here on The Revit for all of you who did not get to attend.  So look out for that sometime this summer.

The last class I sat in on today was freaking awesome to say the least.  Marcello Sgambelluri, or "the elephant man" according to Jim Balding, demonstrated the possible workflow of Revit to 3D Max to the CryEngine 3 game engine.  All I kept thinking about is how I cannot wait to throw my masters thesis building into CryEngine and blow it up with some grenades...  Yeah... It is that cool.  I am sure I will be talking more about this considering the amount of real time visualization software I have been exploring lately...(I already bought the book...)

Looking forward to some cool lectures tomorrow about adaptive components and extending my BIM models to shop/fabrication.  

Until then I will leave you with one Pro and one Con of today:
  • Con:  The Internet is absolutely atrocious.
  • Pro:  This awesome creation we had for breakfast...