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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 4 - Revit Technology Conference 2012 #RTCUSA

I am now home and reflecting on the past four days and it's overwhelming to contemplate what happened.  The virtual typhoon of information that washed over me the past four days is unimaginable to anyone but an attendee of RTC.

My final day at RTC started with a bang as Marcello explained "the intersection method" he uses to place structural beam on complex surfaces.  By the end of the class he placed some beams around the surface of a cow he modeled inside Revit.

After Marcello opened my eyes to some new ways of using old tools Tim Waldock made us all feel like we were in high school trigonometry and he was the teacher... But with awesome images.  Tim used the new "repeat" tool in Revit 2013 along with adaptive components and the new "divided line" tool to do some really cool things (like make an octopus building).

The day went on and ended with a formal dinner consisting of a three course meal and lots of free wine (and quite a few bottles ended up at our table...)

For my first Revit Technology Conference experience I could not have had a better time.  I met such great people and interacted in some very informative classes.  Overall, the feeling of being in the presence of 400 people who are all experts in what I am passionate about was nostalgic to say the least. I highly recommend you find a way to go next year. Personally, I think a larger group of students should try to attend because I believe we are the ones who will drive the industry in the directions we discussed for the past four days(they do have a student and professor price reduction).

Oh, and if you do plan on going next year I highly advise you not to book a flight on Sunday morning any earlier than at least 11 A.M....