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Monday, August 12, 2013

"BIM After Dark" - Coming soon...

BIM After Dark Logo


Ironically, my last post about adding depth to your elevations leads into this post perfectly...  For some time now I have been wanting to put together a comprehensive series of videos that inhabits all of the value this site has had to offer over the past four years.  For those of you who took the Revit Kid Reader's survey I posted last month you may have an idea about what is coming next.

BIM After Dark CoverI would like to formally introduce you all to "BIM After Dark".  BIM After Dark (or "BAD" for easier typing) is a video series (and more) I will be producing that combines the simplicity of my video tutorials with a structured curriculum on a set topic.  Every video will be brand new and the topics will be extremely focused.

Derived from the late nights I spent perfecting the techniques illustrated in the tutorials, "BIM After Dark" is a new brand and adventure I am extremely excited for.  You may be thinking, "Why not use The Revit Kid branding for the series?"  There are two main reasons: 1) The series will utilize an array of software, not just Revit. 2) Directly selling anything on a registered trademarked domain ("Revit") can only lead to problems down the road (especially with Big Brother watching so closely these days).

The name also allows for expansion of the brand down the road.  Many of you visit this site after office hours and look to expand your knowledge with the tools of our trade. Perhaps, in the future, BAD can become a live webinar or in-person experience after office hours (hence, "After Dark").

The first video of the series will focus primarily on my presentation techniques.  I want to prove to the world that "BIM can be sexy..."  Over the years I have shared many different presentations and graphics I have produced (education and professional) but I have only made a few videos and tutorials about how they were created.  From hand sketches, to Revit, to 3DS Max, and Photoshop, I will use real-world examples and show you all of my presentation techniques (some examples of the variety of what I have done over the last few years can be seen on my personal website here).  Additionally, for the first time ever, I will be packaging tons of sample files, example files, and projects with the episodes.

Here is a Promotional Video I had created to lay it all out....

If you are interested in following my progress, release dates, and bonus information, please sign up for the BIM After Dark newsletter.

Lastly, I want to thank every one of my readers for following the blog.  Whether you are just discovering the blog or have been following me for years you are the reason I keep it going.  The launch of BAD will not stop me from posting free videos and information here on The Revit  I love you all and will continue my dedication to this website and the community abroad.

As always, feel free to contact me or comment below.

With my utmost gratitude,

- Jeffrey A. Pinheiro AKA "The Revit Kid"