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bim after dark live

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

AMA Replay (Plus, a 30% Off Discount!)


To wrap up 2020 with a bang, I thought it would be fun to host another "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" style episode of BIM After Dark Live.  The last time I did an AMA style episode was almost 20 episodes ago.  

That day, I hosted a double header and couldn't even keep up with all the questions I got!  (Check out the replays here.)

Yesterday, there were so many questions is was hard to keep up!  Thank you all for joining, asking questions, and making this live show thing... well, a thing!

Topics the we Covered:

- Building a wall under a ramp (and other ramp options).
- Creating Door Window and Curtain Wall Elevations (touched on it).
- Revit Backup File Management
- Creating a Concrete Mass in Revit
- Using the overhead line trick ... sort of ...
- 3D Details and When to Model versus draft (hint, MODEL MODEL!).
- My middle name...

Continue reading to view the episode...

BIM After Dark Community (End of the Year Sale!)

As I mentioned during the show, for the remainder of 2020, I am offering a big discount off of the membership cost to join the BIM After Dark Community.  

By big, I am talking 30% off (or more if you sign up with an annual plan).

What's Included?

- Self-paced Revit courses (all four! and any new courses to be added in the future) with sample files, live chat, and community support.

- Access sample files from your favorite "Revit Kid" tutorial posts.

- Exclusive access to online "office hours" with Jeff and guests.

- Connect with other Revit users to share ideas, best practices, and ask/answer burning questions as a community.

We've all spent years struggling with Revit alone.  Why not start struggling with Revit, together?

Click here to learn more or join now...

Remember, the 30% off ends at midnight 12/31... So, act now!

I'll see you on the inside... ;)