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bim after dark live

Friday, January 15, 2021

DynaMaps and Revit - Adding Context to Your Models (w/Mostafa & Paul Aubin)


On last night's episode of BIM After Dark Live we welcomed Mostafa El Ayoubi.  Mostafa is an architect and civil engineer.  He is the creator of Dynamo packages like DynaMaps and Data-Shapes.

This episode introduced the genesis of the DynamMaps package and it’s foundations as well as some workflows showing how to get site geometry inside Dynamo and push it to Revit will then be live demoed.

Also, this was another "crossover" with Paul Aubin and the ChiNamo users group!

Topics Included:

- Introduction to DynaMaps

- Installing the Package

- Step by Step demonstration of how to bring in buildings, topography, roads, and trees from open source data to your Revit models.

Continue reading to view the replay and learn how to install and use DynaMaps today!

Links Mentioned:

Oh, and, for those of you who watched the episode, just as we all hung up the call... The Chicago buildings finished running the script for Mostafa!