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Friday, January 8, 2021

Parametric Dining Room Light Fixture Family in Revit - Start to Finish


I built a parametric family in Revit on yesterday's episode of BIM After Dark Live.

But, not just any old Revit family.  A dining room light fixture. 

Why a light fixture family?  

Well, I've noticed over the years that light fixtures are probably some of the most wanted families.  Probably because there are literally millions of fixture with all sorts of little details within them.

Another reason I wanted to walk you through the creation of this fixture live is that is contains a whole bunch of great family creation tips and tricks along the way.  

There were some great questions and I shared a lot of "process" references (like sketches, and diagrams) that are worth checking out...

Topics Covered:
- Laying out a Parametric Object
- Using Nested Families (when, why, and how).
- Using multiple light sources in one family.
- Carrying parameters (like materials) through nested Families
- When to use sweeps over extrusions
- Tips for making "rods"...

And so much more.  

If you missed it, be sure to continue reading to see the replay and view all of the reference materials...

Links Mentioned:

Reference Materials: