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bim after dark live

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Energy Analysis in Revit (Insight 360) w/Dan Stine

Well, I knew Dan was coming on the show to talk about early energy modeling and analysis in Revit... But, I didn't think he was going to start from a blank file and run through the entire process!! So cool!  

On this episode on BIM After Dark Live, Dan Stine showed us how easy it is to quickly analyze our design's energy impact.  If you don't think this is cool or important, I am not sure I want to be your friend.. ;)

Dan walked through some of the following topics...

- Brief primer on Lake|Flato's goals around building performance
- Introduction to Revit + Insight for early energy modeling
- Understand why you can trust the results
- The importance of baselines; ASHRAE 90.1, Architecture 2030 (Zero Tool)
- Learn how to interpret the results and act on them
- Best of all, see the workflow in action!!!