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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lidar Scan to Revit from an iPhone?! (Polycam to Revit Workflow)

On last night's episode of BIM After Dark Live I walked you through the process of taking a lidar scan to Revit from an iPhone.  That's right, laser scanning with your iPhone and then using that information in Revit.   Using an app called "Polycam" I will give you my super simple Polycam to Revit workflow.

When I first bought an iPhone 12 I couldn't wait to see what I could do with the LIDAR capabilities.  My search led me to an app called "Polycam".  Fast forward to almost a year later and Polycam is a title sponsor of this livestream!  Who would have thought?  Well, I have continued to use their product over the last ten months and can't wait to show you the workflow I have developed.

I'll be talking about the steps it takes to get a LIDAR (and photogrammetry ) scan from Polycam on your iPhone or iPad into Revit, my lessons learned along the way, and a case study in which I surveyed and existing house with just Polycam and made a pretty darn good existing conditions model from it!

Check out some snips from the case study I shared on the episode: