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bim after dark live

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Practical Dynamo for Revit (w/Aussie BIM Guru)

On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by Gavin Crump ("Aussie BIM Guru") to share his practical Dynamo for Revit tips, tricks, and scripts.  

Gavin shared his most used scripts and showed us HOW to make them.  Not only that, but he will be discussing them within the context of how much time they can save you!  

Some examples of scripts Gavin will be demonstrating are:
- Adding and removing revisions to and from sheets.
- Making floors from rooms.
- Adding shared parameters in bulk 

Oh, and Gavin showed us how you can make an Revit ribbon button that runs a Dynamo script using Python....!?

Links Mentioned: