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bim after dark live

Friday, March 18, 2022

Mastering Revit MEP Systems (w/David Butts)


On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I was joined by David Butts to talk about mastering Revit MEP Systems.  However, this was not your typical "click here" demonstration of MEP Systems in Revit....  

David and I will discuss understanding the workflow more than the features. It’s about changing a mindset to understand the relationship between objects in design and model, and how relevant data transverses between objects. It what CAD guys still don’t get – the deliverable is no longer going to be about the sheet, it’s going to be about the data towards a true set of digital twins.

Some of the topics we will touch on include:

- Reviewing the four step process of Revit MEP system design

- How systems alter perspective towards the MEP design tools

- Understanding the failure of traditional CAD for MEP and overcoming it

- Looking towards new deliverables with clients and consumers

David's 4 step system to creating systems in Revit was an eye-opening moment for me... I even had an epiphany myself live on air... more than once... 

Click here to view the replay now...