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Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Wall Tips..

The Revit Clinic continues their 10 Quick Tips...

1. Embed a wall into curtain panel

You can change a curtain wall panel to any wall type by un-pinning it and modifying the type. Next you can then embed another curtain wall into the new wall panel infill by adding a curtain wall and using the Cut Geometry tool between the wall infill and curtain wall. You can repeat this process as many times as needed.


2. Disallow join

When you right-click over any wall end you activate the Disallow Join option. This will prevent the wall end from joining with other walls.


3. Unlock wall layers

When editing the structure of a wall, you can click Modify and un-lock a region of a wall layer. Afterwards the wall will display an additional grip to dynamically adjust the wall layer as needed.


This dimension can also be manually entered in the Instance Properties of the wall under Base Extension Distance or Top Extension Distance depending where the layer was unlocked.

Thanks to The Revit Clinic Team for posting these helpful tips. You have inspired me to start creating some new tutorials now that things in my personal life are calming down. Be ready for a barrage of what seem to be very loved video tutorials.