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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Revit 2010 Advantage Pack and Students

I promised that I would find out some information about how the Student subscription is represented in this whole ordeal. Debra Pothier, Senior Education AEC Marketing Manager at Autodesk, was kind enough to help me, and all my readers, out.

"...So the way to get these great extensions into the students hands …is if the institutions actually purchase the subscription package.

So the way the students can help… is to let the professors/institution know that they need to explore these subscription packages so they will have the latest extensions!..."

There you have it fellow students. When you begin to see all the videos and images of awesome looking wood framed houses, structural steel decking, and switching back and forth from model to detail lines, remember to talk to your department chairs. Tell your peers and gather up to talk to your department chair about these options.

Thanks, Debra, for your time and help with this matter.