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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Revit Kid Challenge 2 Winner!

The winner of my Revit Kid Challenge 2 is Jay Clancy! Although his model was not exactly what I had in mind it did the trick. His model will help you all see different ideas of how people attack ma family. Check out the video below for more information...

"Hi Jeff,

This gave me a real headache!

I tried different sweeps & extrusions and made many mistakes along the way until finally putting together something that just about works…

I used ref lines to create extrusions and voids controlled by a ref plane skeleton, so that (within kind reason!) the building shapes are parametric for width & height & offset from the ground. It does start to come apart if you offset the 2 main building areas away from each other, and I know it isn’t 100% the correct shape… But I have learnt a lot about working with the new conceptual environment and am fairly happy with the end result. (Although the ‘Depth’ parameter won’t work due to the way I created some parts early on)..."

Thanks for all of you who participated. When you see this post, Jay, shoot me an email with your address and shirt size! Congratulations!