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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Revit Blog: Revit Elemental

Nice little blog getting started over in the U.K. by Chris.

Chris already has a couple useful tips/tutorial type of posts such as this one:

Example: Instance Based Window Family

One of the methods I have used to combat this with items such as doors and windows is by generating families with instance-based parameters. In the following example we take a look at a typical window family and how we can change the way it works to in a measured building survey.

In this example we start with a window family from the standard Autodesk Library called ‘Sgl Plain.rvt’

If we want this to be an instance-based window family (i.e. able to control the width and height without having to create a new instance every time), then we need to change the parameters from Type to Instance.

Ok, so we have hit our first problem. The standard Autodesk Window category will not allow you to ‘Modify’ the Width or Height parameters so how can we change this?

…Well here’s a little work around:

In 2010 or 2011, Go to the Create Tab > Category & Parameters and set the category as something such as Generic Model and click OK.