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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Revit Tutorial - Parametric Patters 2 (buildz)

Zach, do not stop producing these insanely great videos...  People always ask me, "So, who knows Revit better than you?"  Of course, I can count 15 people right away but the first one that always pops in my head is Zach Kron.  Every single reader of mine who, I assume, uses Revit should subscribe to his blog... or at least check it everyday!

In all honestly, I felt as if I hit a plateau in Revit a few months back. I felt like it became more of a tool that created the images and documents I needed... Between your posts, Autodesk University, and a select others, a new life has been sparked in my reviteering. I cannot wait to finish up this semester (tomorrow!!) and begin posting and fooling around in Revit again..

Instead of reposting Zach's great article I will just post a nice teaser picture and let you all explore Buildz: