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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revit Tutorials/Tips - Parametric Pattern Series

I really hope that this post is old news to all of my readers.  Why?  Because you should be checking out Zach's blog EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Anyways, Zach over at buildz, has been posting a great series called "Parametric Patterns" based on the book Elements of Parametric Design.Sadly I still have yet to purchase the book (it is a bit expensive on a students expense list), but I do plan on buying it one day.  Fortunately, Zach has been breaking down the topics of the book in his blog with great articles, videos, and images.  Personally, I am printing his posts and making a nice book of my own out of it!  I have linked the series below (even though it does not seem to be over just yet.):

Keep an eye out on Zach's blog for more to come... Thanks for the posts Zach, they are great!