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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Revit Tutorial - Window Elevations

I posted a while ago about the hassles of creating curtain wall elevations... It seems every project I work on there is a dillema that arises about whether to use a built window family or a curtain wall (storefront) window in the model.  The projects I work on all require window elevations because alot of them are aluminum or metal frame windows. 

Well, here is a tutorial to show how simple it is to make window elevations of window families (as opposed to curtain walls/storefronts).  The simplicity of this process is what makes me contemplate creating a window family for the curtain/storefront windows at a certain stage of the project (for those "storefront" built walls that only span 1 story).

Topics Covered:
  • Creating a Legend View
  • Creating a Window Legend 
  • Creating a Window Elevation
Click here to see the video tutorial via Youtube.
Click here to see the video tutorial via Screencast.