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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free Revit Plug-Ins

Thanks to Steve over at Revit Op-Ed for first posting this...  The Door Mark Updater and the Change and Replace LineTypes are awesome little tools!  All for free!!

Change and Replace Line Styles
Platform: Revit Architecture 2012
Have you ever imported a DWG file into your model and got a bunch of unwanted line styles? Have you ever wanted to quickly...
Revision Cloud Data Export to Text File
Platform: Revit Architecture 2012
As you are all surely aware, Revit does not offer a means to schedule individual revision cloud elements. This tool will...
Door Mark Updater
Platform: Revit Architecture 2012
This little guy uses the room number of the room adjacent to the door to number each door mark parameter. Where multiple doors...

Simply register and download!