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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Do I Get More Revit Content ( Families ) ?

Lately, it seems like a question I am asked about once a day....  "Where do I get this chair?", "Where do I get this table?"...

Well, **edit** Jame's put together a nice list of some typical resources for downloading Revit Content:

BIM Content for Revit

This post contains a listing of known websites hosting content for Revit. We’ll try to keep this post updated as sites change or new ones are created. This information was partially compiled from Mario Guttman’s AU 2011 class “Revit Family Counseling” (visit Mario’s own site for custom Revit tools).

Manufacturer’s Content

Autodesk Seek – content aggregated by Autodesk; contains default Revit families as well as manufacturer-specific content, low to moderate quality control; content in a variety of formats, search can filter for specific formats; free, no registration required.

ARCAT – generic and manufacturer-specific content; modeled by ARCAT, high quality control; free, no registration required.
bimstore – manufacturer-specific content; modeled by bimstore, high quality control; free, registration required for downloading content.

I would also like to add this link that has content I have used before:

Can you think of some that aren't listed here or on Phil's blog?  Comment below!!

**Edit.***  Find more links at this post as well...