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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Revit Tip - Default Materials

This is a very simple tip but it may help some of you.  A classmate of mine created a bunch of little box shaped building with the In-Place Massing tool.  Unfortunately, she finished the mass family prior to copying them all over the place.  She then wanted to change the material from the default mass material (which is transparent) to something opaque.

After realizing that she had to click edit in-place to every single family instance to change it's material she decided to just leave them transparent.  Finally, she asked me about it the other day and I pointed her to the material editor.

When you do not apply a material to specific objects Revit uses that category's default material.  Therefore, all she had to do was change the "Default Form" material to her desired graphic results.  TAH DAH!

Take some time and learn the default materials within Revit. They will help you one day.  I promise.