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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Residential Revit - Exploring Design Options in Revit and Lumion (Mid-Century Master Suite)

In continuing the "Residential Revit" series here on the blog, I wanted to make a post that addresses two common topics brought up in emails I receive from readers of the blog: design options and smaller residential projects.  

Before starting the residential Revit series I tended to use larger commercial projects as examples in tutorials.  Well, considering additions and renovations are such a huge market for architects I thought it would be cool to use a much smaller scale example:  a master suite renovation.

Additionally, managing multiple design schemes in a a single model is always a topic of discussion when I chat with residential architects.   Therefore, I put together a little tutorial that walks through how I manages multiple design schemes in one Revit model on a real-world master-suite renovation and how I also managed those design schemed in a single Lumion scene....

Continue reading to learn more about the project and view the tutorial...

About the Project:

This project was a fun and quick design challenge.  The existing house is a mid-century modern built in 1958.  The house is nestled into a hillside which drops dramatically off to the rear exposing an endless view of the Connecticut northwestern hills.   Hence, we aptly called it "Mid-Century Master with a View".

The concept was to gut the existing office and master suit, reconfigure it and update it with a larger bathroom, walk-in closet, and spaces that take advantage of the views.

Here are some of the initial design schemes (refer to the video tutorial below for more info):

And here are some construction progress images for those interested...  I will be taking higher quality photos soon as the project has just wrapped up:

Before and After of the bathroom.

Tutorial: Exploring Design Options in Revit and Lumion

Topics Explored in the tutorial Below:

- Using Design Options in Revit to manage multiple design schemes in one model.
- Methods to modeling in or out of Design Options
- Exporting Design Options to Lumion
- Working with multiple Design Options within on Lumion Scene.
- Manage materials, views, and models with multiple design schemes in Lumion.