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Monday, June 10, 2019

Attending BILT NA 2019 in Seattle? Say Hello!

Having a 7 month old child has made it difficult to travel this year.  In fact, I told myself I would only attend one conference this year and I am sticking to it.  It's been no secret over the years that my favorite conference by far is BILT NA (formally Revit Technology Conference).

If you have only been following me recently here is a list of posts from previous RTC event... 

If you have been following me for a while it should be no surprise that I chose to attend BILT NA in Seattle... Will you be attending as well?  If so, be sure to say hello!

I am also honored to have been chosen to speak again at the conference.  So, if you are having trouble choosing your sessions I'll help you choose at least one slot.  I will be talking about Assemble System's (a program I haven't gotten into too much detail about on the blog, but a program you should all be aware of because it will change the way you "do BIM").

Here is some info on the session....

Session 1.4 - Thursday
03:10 PM - 04:25 PM

Late last year you may have read an article about Autodesk's acquisition of Assemble Systems and thought, 'Hm, what is Assemble?' and 'What does this mean to me?' Fortunately for you, I have been using Assemble at Turner Construction for over three years! This session will not only introduce you to Assemble, but it will also use real-world examples to demonstrate how Assemble has removed the barriers of entry and given access to BIM for everyone at Turner Construction. Some of the real-world case studies include:

- Model based quantity takeoff that anyone can do. Seriously, anyone. Even 'old man Phil' with the
drafting board and French curve on his desk.
- Model version comparisons for dummies.
- Model based constructability reviews that don't require a fancy laptop or a 'BIM kid' to help.
- Three Click model based production (work-in-place) tracking even your most 'old-school' superintendent can do.
- Creating real-time and dynamic dashboards to analyze model data.

 How we are utilizing BIM quantity and production data and generative design principles to build and influence our scheduling and forecasting.

Assemble has transformed the way we use building information models for the better. Autodesk Revit and Navisworks are great, but the steep learning curve and hardware requirements limit model availability to a select few. With Assemble, I truly believe we have a solution that gives the entire company access to the power of BIM.

I'll be teasing some more of my sessions content here on the blog as we get closer to the event, but be sure to register for the session... There may also be some free t-shirts involved ... ;)

See you all in Seattle!??!!