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Monday, January 11, 2016

Autodesk Revit "Family Cheat Sheet": Free Printable Guide

BIM After Dark - Volume 3 is set to release on January 25th...  It's time we get our families in order!

Do you remember every single acceptable formula syntax in Revit? Do you know which family template you should start with and why?  Do you know what the recommended file sizes are for your different family types?

If you're like me, you constantly search for or browse to the same help files, forum posts, and blog posts to find the same information over and over again...  Finally, I've created a simple, printable, PDF with all the information you need when building custom Revit families... It's called the Autodesk Revit "Family Cheat Sheet".  Continue reading to download it for FREE today...

The Family Cheat Sheet

The sheet is meant to be your desktop guide to family creation in Revit.  I have been making my own Revit content for over eight years now and there are always little things I need to reference from time to time.  For example, I always find myself referencing materials online for conditional if statements and correct formula syntax.

Print this guide out on 11”x 17” paper and keep it handy for the next time you are creating custom Revit families.  

Not sure how to create custom, fully parametric, Revit families?  Want to enhance and build on your current family creation knowledge? 
Then check out BIM After Dark - Volume 3! After finishing the course you will realize how powerful the information on this guide can be!