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Monday, January 4, 2016

Revit Tutorial - Creating Family Type Catalogs

If you have ever loaded in a family and a strange dialogue popped up that allowed you to choose which family types you want to load then you have had experienced a "type catalog".  This is a quick little tutorial extracted directly from BIM After Dark - Volume 3 (set to release January 25th, 2016).

A type catalog lists all of the types in a family, allowing you to select and load only the types you need for the current project, resulting in a smaller project file size and less headaches.  Creating a type catalog used to be a major hassle and required some serious notepad use... As you will see in the tutorial it has become MUCH easier...

BIM After Dark - Volume 3: Family Creation

As I mentioned in the video above this tutorial was extracted directly from BIM After Dark - Volume 3.  Volume 3 focuses solely on family and content creation in Revit and is set to be released on January 25th, 2016.

Are you tired of downloading low quality Revit families that are not parametric and slow down your models?  Instead of settling for poor content, or waiting for manufacturers to catch up, create your own parametric Revit families!  Using practical, real-world examples, Volume 3 will give you all of the skills required to get started today.