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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tutorial - Rendering a Flower Vase

Julie asked:

"I am a student in The Art Institute of Las Vegas and I'm making a project with Revit. I have found several families in Revit City, some of them I've been able to change the materials and colors. But there are some that I can't make any changes on. Do you know how I could make changes, for example a single banquet I found, I would like to change the color of the seating, and a flower vase, when its being rendered the flower is in default color, how could i change the color of the flower?"

Thanks for the question Julie! Julie is an Interior Design student utilizing Revit. It is great to have Revit questions come from different perspectives of the fields. Julie also informed me that she was the President of her school's ASID (American Society of Interior Designers).
I created a little video to explain the very basics of setting up rendering materials.

Topics Covered:
- Editing Materials
- Creating New Materials
- Adding Rendering Materials
- Relationship Between Project and Family materials

Here are the two (low quality) renderings I made during the video:

Rendering 1 - No Materials

Rendering 2 - With Materials

P.S. I would not suggest using those families she downloaded. I find the flower hideous and the chair could be made much better.


coreed said...

so what are you saying, there are no hideous flowers in nature. :)

The Revit Kid said...

Haha... No. What I am saying is that this flower was created prior to a swept blend. The model could be done much better in Revit 2009 and even more better in Revit 2010.

shiren said...

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