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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 Rendering Tips

Posted by The Revit Clinic. Some more awesome tips for us Revit Users!

10 Rendering Tips

Continuing the series of 10 quick tips, below are 10 tips for rendering in Revit I would like to pass along…

1. Material with Image Transparency

The “Plastic” Material type contains an option for “Render Appearance”, “Type”, “Plastic Transparent”. Along with this you can set the “Color” to “Image File” to utilize an image in the material. With this combination you can make varied transparent materials containing image files.


2. Rendering Lights at Draft Quality?

When rendering at a quality below “Medium”, you may notice artificial lights “Light Source Definition Shape” do not fully match the shape in the family. To have the artificial light shape fully calculated, render at “Medium” quality or above. For additional information I have included the technical solution link below:

Light source definition shape does not match rendering

3. Section Box and Rendering Times

For more complex views, you can reduce the rendering times by enabling the section box in the view. With the section box active, only objects that fall within the section box will be rendered. This includes objects such as daylight portals or artificial lights. For additional information I have included the technical solution link below:

Rendering only objects in current view or linked file

4. Far Clip and Rendering Views

If utilizing a “Far Clip Offset” in a view to render, keep in mind the offset will not be calculated in the rendering extents. The entire view range is calculated in a view when rendering. If you need to exclude something in the distance, use a section box instead from the process in tip #3 above.


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