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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Revit Kid - Rendering Challenge.

This week may be a little slow in the blog postings due to me having to move into my new apartment on Saturday. I will still post as much as possible and inform you all with articles, tutorials, and references.

I thought it would be fun to have my readers do what I do everyday for this blog. Solve Revit problems that are emailed to me. Here is the email from Oswald:

"Hi there revitkid!

Nice blogsite BTW, it really helped me on way in and way out on revit. I just wanna ask how to render an aerial view of a floor plan (so that i can show an overview of the floor finishing materials) using interior artificial lighting only. I tried to hide the ceilings and light components (so that they dont block the view when rendering) but it seems it also hides the light that is coming from the light source. Any ideas? thanks in advance!

More power on your site!"

I immediately have some ideas of how to investigate this problem but no time to sit there and render/examine the problem this week. Email me with your solution and the best one will win a free Lock Noob Revit shirt!

When learning any program it is essential that you problem solve like this. This is one of the many reasons why I love doing this blog. I don't know EVERYTHING about Revit and maybe never will but everytime I get a question that boggles my mind it is just another learning experience and pushes my Revit skills that much further. That isltimately how I learned Revit... Sat there for hours figuring out problems that would arise.

Email me at with you solution and images/videos. Good Luck!