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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tutorial - Rendering Tips (Revit Clinic)

It has been kind of nice to take a seat and let the rest of the bloggers crank out some tutorials. Thanks guys! I have some planned of my own and will get to them hopefully sooner than later. Here are some more rendering tips from The Revit Clinic:

3 More Revit Rendering Tips

Adding to the previous post of 10 Rendering Tips, I want to pass along a few more tips to keep in mind:

1. Rendering Process

When you render in Revit the Revit.exe process is not actually taking the bulk of the memory and performance usage. There is actually a second process that starts when rendering, called fbxooprender.exe, which is handling the rendering. So if you are looking to calculate memory usage or better track performance you can look for this process when rendering in Revit:


2. RPC Rendering & Windows Temp Folder Usage

Revit uses the Windows temp folder to store temporary files during the rendering process. When the rendering completes these .bmp files should be removed. These are typically related to RPC content, and have file names similar toRPC_TextureXXXXXXX.bmp.

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However if the rendering process is canceled before completing these images may not be automatically removed.