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Monday, November 17, 2014

Milestones & Celebration Sale!

I wanted to take a minute to share a few major milestones in my personal life and this blog.  If you have followed the blog over the past five years you may have realized this year was probably the least amount of publishing I have done.  Although, I tried my best to at least get one new post a week and have been successful in doing so.  Also, to celebrate some of these awesome achievements you will find some discount offer codes for BIM After Dark at the end of this post...

The Revit Kid, AIA

The main reason for my lack of publishing has been the amount of time and effort I've spent studying for, and taking, the Architecture Registration Exams (AREs).  I am happy to say the time and effort has paid off.  I started studying in January of this year (2014).  Fast forward ten months, 7 tests, and one re-take and here we are.  I can officially say that I am an Architect (without any legal ramifications!)

What does this mean for the blog and my future?  No idea, but after successfully achieving such a long, grueling, and difficult goal the possibilities feel endless!

3 Million!

Even though this was my least frequent publishing year you, the awesome readers I have, still set a new visiting milestone!  Officially, has reached (and exceeded) 3 million visits!

It is so humbling to see the site continue growing (even when I have not given it the love and attention it deserved over the past year).  I believe this is a testament to the amount of value that exists in the archives.  Remember, most of the tutorials in the archives were driven by questions from you, the reader.  Thank you for allowing me to provide this resource and thank you for fueling the blog for all these years!

Customer #400

Adding to the growing milestones of this blog, BIM After Dark - Volume 1 continues to be a success.  In fact, Volume 1 surpassed 400 customers last month (currently, 430 people have purchased it)!!  Volume 1 has been live for 11 months now and I could not be happier with its success.  The feedback has been incredible and I cannot wait to finish Volume 2!

If you are not familiar with BIM After Dark - Volume 1, here are some good links to check out:

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Celebration Sale!

In honor of the above milestones and my gratitude towards you for making them all possible, BIM After Dark - Volume 1 will be on sale for the rest of this week.

All you have to do is use offer code "3million" during checkout to receive the discount.  The sale will end on Friday, November 21st at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).   Don't worry, I will remind you again later in the week as well.

Click here to head on over to use this offer code and save now!

Already purchased and downloaded BIM After Dark?  Do me a favor and tell your friends:

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Thank you again for being the best readers a blogger could ask for!


The Revit Kid, AIA