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Monday, November 18, 2019

Dynamo & Revit: Beams that Follow Complex Roofs

Today's tutorial is a simple but powerful Dynamo script.  This is a great introduction to the use of geometry within Dynamo itself.

I was recently tasked with modeling a Unitarian Church here in Connecticut designed by Victor Lundy.  The church has two big modeling challenges: the roof and the beams that follow the roof.

I modeled the roof by creating a surface in the conceptual massing environment and then manipulating that surface until it was accurate to the building.  I then hosted a Roof by Face, well, actually, as you will see in the video tutorial I ended up having to use a Wall by Face. 

I then used Dynamo to automatically create the exposed timber beams:

I have to say.. It worked brilliantly!

Here is the video tutorial that walks you through the entire script from start to finish:

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