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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Revit Kid Tutorial Archive: 2009-2010

I was recently checking out the analytics for this blog and saw a few links coming from a site I've never heard of before. I tracked back the link and found an interesting post on a Vietnamese blog.  I would link to the post but I have a feeling it is a spammy/infected site (given the author's profile has links to many "adult content" style blogs)...

The post must have taken a decent amount of time to create because it had links to almost EVERY single Revit tutorial I created (or linked to) in the first year of launching The Revit (2009-2010).  How cool!  I may have to make a similar list for the years between 2010 and now!

I thought it would be helpful and fun to re-post this list...

** Remember, many of these tutorials are "pre-ribbon" but still very useful! **

The Revit Tutorial Archive: 2009-2010

Family Creation - Part 1 
Sections 3D (Revit Rocks) 
Chair Rail and Two Tone Walls 
Material Polished Concrete 
Roof Basics (Revit Rocks) 
Titleblock Basics 
Sheet Basics 
Sweeps and Swept Blends (Revit Clinic) 
Ambient Lighting (Totem) 
Formula Driven Curves (Buildz) 
Parametric Room Labels (Revit Rocks) 
Revit Delete Backup Files 
Edit Wall Colors 
Sheet Numbering Revit (Revit Rocks) 
Edit a House Series (Revit Rocks) 
Wood Framing Walls (Revit Rocks) 
Importing Templates View 
Edit Verticies (Inside the Factory) 
Structural Truss Extension (Due U Revit) 
Linked Lineweights (Revit Clinic) 
Group Schedules (CAD Clips) 
Section Heads Rotation 
Procedure Floor and ceilings? - Recessed Lights 
Custom Ribbon Tab (Building Coder) 
Topo-Surface 3 (Learning Curve) 
Clean Up Wall Phasing and 
Revit and Calculus Final 
Complex Formulas and Units 
Material Take Off - Curtain Wall 
Dimensions 3D 
Log Cabin 
Challenge 2 - Complex House 
Revit and Calculus - 2 
Revit and Calculus - 1 
Circular Stairs 
Recessed Lighting Fixture Family 
Level Head Units 
Skylight Above Tip 
Curtain Wall Panel Tags 
Walkthrough (CADClips) 

Curtain Wall Louvers (Revit OpEd) 
Custom Stair - Dutch Stair (Revit OpEd) 
Flat Roof - Tapered Insulation 
Custom Stair - Question 
Adjustable Door Swing - Method Visibility 
Stair Basics 
Revit and Civil 3D 
Rendering 3D Floor Plan & Artificial Lighting 
10 Tips Conceptual Massing 
View Templates 
Section Heads and Tails 
Family and Materials 
Glass vs. Glazing 
Door Swing Angle Edit 
Attaching Walls to Roofs 
Materials Render Create Custom 
Decals Introduction to 
Reveal Vertical (T1-11) 
Rebar Detail Component 
EIFS Joint Vertical 
Angled Beam Systems, 
Door Frame (Plan View) - Masked Region 
Brick Shelf (Stacked Wall) 
Basic View Titles 
Render Basics - Flower Vase 
Curtain Wall Doors 
Studio Topo Tip - Part 3 
Studio Topo Tip - Part 2 
Topo Studio City - Part 1A 
Studio Topo Tip - Part 1 
Brick Window Sill 
Visibility Parameters 
Parametric Arrays 
Angled Wall Sweeps 
Parametric Wall Sweeps 
Render Basics - Interior, Sun nly 
Calling Out ​​drafted Views 
Change Text Case in Revit 
Revit Organizing Your Sheets 
Detail Component Usage Basic 
Windows and Plan Appearence